Wedding officiant fees are set by state law and are the same for all Justices of the Peace regardless of city or town for a basic or standard ceremony.  Justices may charge more than the statutory fee for providing extra services such as personalizing the ceremony,  attending rehearsals or other additional services.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has set fees for basic services at $100.00 for in-town weddings, and $150.00 for out-of-town weddings.  In-town is considered where the officiant resides and appointed from.  Out-of-town is any other community in Massachusetts.

My rates:  

$100.00 basic / $175 for personalized ceremony 

All other Massachusetts towns: $150.00 basic / $225 for personalized ceremony
Commitment Ceremonies: Same as wedding ceremony
Non MA Commitment Ceremonies Same as wedding ceremony plus mileage
Renewal of Vows: Same fee as wedding ceremony
Rehearsals: Same basic fee as wedding ceremony

A deposit is not required as I base my relationships on trust.  I hold your date and time when we agree to work together.  If another couple contacts me for the same date and time, I may require a deposit if a commitment has not been made between us as I will be declining that later opportunity.

In hardship circumstances, I may accommodate requests by offering a reduced fee on a case by case basis.  If you are pleased with our work together, and in recognition of the hard work, time and effort involved by me to make your day special, a gratuity is appreciated given the fee converted to an hourly rate basis often approaches minimum wage.  It is not expected and you will receive the same quality regardless of money issues.